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Garden & Tree Maintenance

Your car park, court yard and office grounds, along with your private garden are important sections of your property, these are often what makes the first impression and therefore you want to ensure you have a beautifully manicured garden at all times.

Your garden is often the first impression your visitors have when visiting your home or clients have when visiting your office. Our effective tree maintenance services, which we provide in the north east, is vast covering all aspects of tree & hedge care.

We have an experienced SG Tree Services team offering a 24hr service to our private and commercial clients in Aberdeen and surrounds.  Contact us now to find out more.

Our Tree Maintenance Services

We provide you with a full range of garden maintenance service in Aberdeen which includes:

Professional Services in Aberdeen

We offer high quality professional services to provide you with visually appealing trees and hedges.  Backed by years of experience and a passion to achieve the best results, we will work with you to ensure you achieve the results you are looking to achieve.

Saving You Valuable Time and Energy

Our maintenance services can save you valuable time and energy when you are juggling a busy home and work life.  We have the time to dedicate to help in improving your gardens overall appeal.  Contact us now and let us save you time and energy when it comes to your garden maintenance in Aberdeen.

Reliable Services

Our experienced and trustworthy team work hard to ensure that we remain reliable, being on time for appointments and consistent to the overall health of your garden. We will provide your garden with the ongoing services it needs to thrive.

Affordable Prices

We offer competitively priced services based on your unique requirements to ensure that you can use our services with ease and confidence now and in the future. Enjoy professional and high quality services at affordable prices with SG Tree Services. 

Modern Techniques and Equipment

We know the importance of safety in the work place, which is why we use the most modern equipment with the best safety features to ensure that our team and you remain safe when it comes to garden maintenance.  From our chain saws to our hedge trimmers, we have the latest selection, all serviced and maintained to provide you with the first class garden maintenance services you deserve.

Don’t delay, contact our experienced team today and let us provide you with the garden maintenance services in Aberdeen you need.

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Our team can visit your business or personal residence in Aberdeen and give you a free quote today. We can assist you with any tree removal or hedge services within your property.