Crown Thinning
Crown Thinning

Crown Thinning

Crown thinning is one of the many tree maintenance services we provide to our private and commercial clients in and around Aberdeen. Backed by years of experience we can assist with overcrowded and overgrown branches, thinning the interior branches to achieve proper structure.

This type of solution offers an increase in light penetration, which is not only essential to the health of the tree, but to any smaller trees and plants, including lawns below the tree. Grass doesn’t grow into a luscious lawn without adequate sunlight. Crown thinning can dramatically improve light penetration improving the appearance of your garden.

Another reason you will want to consider crown thinning and a great benefit achieved is that it reduces the risk of wind damaged. Living in a windy area can have your tree breaking branches in high winds, which can cause considerable damage to property and other trees. With crown thinning the interior branches are thinned to allow adequate wind flow, reducing the risk of damage.

During the crown thinning process, we will remove any dead, diseased or dying branches. Diseased and drying branches absorb nutrients and water, which limits access for healthy branches. Removing these branches reduces the risk of disease spreading, while helping to enhance new growth.

We will remove any branches which are crossing and rubbing, reducing the risk of wounds appearing, which can harbour insects and disease in the long run.

What We Will Do For You

We are a small and passionate team of tree specialists that offer a friendly, reliable and competitively priced service for tree and hedge maintenance services in private gardens and commercial properties. We provide a twenty four hour service in Aberdeen with professional solutions you can count on when ensuring the health and safety of the trees in your garden or commercial project.

Our qualified team offer aerial to group options to promote the health of the tree and prevent damage to surrounding property and trees. In addition to this, our services can assist in improving your landscaping, which can improve the overall value of your property. We can help you ensure your trees are structurally strong, while eliminating any safety hazards.

Our extensive range of quality and proven services includes tree pruning and crown reduction to tree bracing, crown lifting and deadwood removal. We will also assist with pollarding, tree removal, tree felling and tree dismantling. We offer tree planting, stump grinding, hedge trimming, garden maintenance and hedge laying and planting services, all backed by years of industry knowledge and experience to provide you with quality first class service.

Our fast and effective services are designed to protect the tree wherever possible, while ensuring we provide our clients with quality solutions that are reliable, effective and affordable. Clients can take advantage of our services with our trustworthy and passionate team of professionals who are standing by to take your call and discuss your unique tree thinning requirements in more detail.

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