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Tree Felling

Tree Felling

Unfortunately there will be times when a tree will need to be removed due to safety concerns. This may be a result of rot, infection, being too close to railway tracks or motorways. While we all want to save trees where possible, there are times when there is no alternative. This service is something that needs excellent and knowledgeable planning to ensure that the tree is felled safely without causing damage or harm.

We offer professional tree felling services in Aberdeen using correct techniques, the best safety equipment and modern tools to ensure we complete the project safety, fast and effectively with minimal disruption. We pay close attention to objects in the area, this can include roads, buildings and overhead power lines, for example. We also identify if the area is nature conservation and how this will affect any animals or plant species in the immediate area.

Tree Felling with Confidence

SG Tree Services brings years of experience to the table and ensure that every project is completed to the highest of safety standards. We cater to private gardens and commercial projects throughout Aberdeen and surrounds, ensuring that we provide the best tree felling services you can use with complete confidence.

Our team will conduct a site risk assessment to identify the best way to remove the tree without causing damage to property or too much disruption. We offer years of experience, outstanding customer service and superior safety. We provide a fast and effective service being a small owner operated business. We use modern equipment and have a passion to provide a first class services on trees and hedges of all shapes and sizes.

What Else We Can Do For You

At SG Tree Services we offer more than tree felling services, we can assist with bracing, pruning, removal services, dismantling, planting and stump grinding. We offer crown reduction solutions, crown thinning services and we will assist with deadwood removal and crown lifting. We provide pollarding, garden maintenance and hedge trimming, laying and planting.

We are passionate in what we do and our experienced team ensure that they pay close attention to detail to ensure we complete each project to the finest of standards.

Benefits of Our Tree Felling Services

  • Save time and money by using our tree felling services. We come with the correct tools and years of experience to ensure the project is completed properly.
  • Cleaner surroundings – acorns, leaves and twigs are removed along with improved sunlight for other plants in the garden.Any safety concerns you have regarding the tree are reduced, the house is safer along with your foundations. The risk of root invasion is eliminated.
  • The risk of injuries caused by the tree is also eliminated with tree felling services. Branches that could potentially fall and hit someone are successfully removed to improve safety within your home or office.
  • We bring the equipment needed with us, which ensures the project is completed quickly and properly.
  • Maintain your landscape and improve your outdoor appeal.
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