Deadwood Removal
Deadwood Removal

Deadwood Removal

Deadwood removal is used by tree specialists when we trim and remove the dead wood from your trees. Branches do die from time to time, but as they die, it’s important to call us in to remove the dead branches, this reduces the risk of falling branches and debris in your garden or public place.Deadwood removal is very effective in bringing a dead tree back to life. This is always used as a last resort. Unfortunately there is nothing you can do to avoid branch deaths, there are many reasons that can cause this from getting most of the sun only on one side.

This type of service is provided to improve your trees health through a thorough inspection and planning. Proper removal of the dead wood will ensure effective healing. We offer this service for both safety and aesthetic purposes.

Why Deadwood Removal?

Deadwood removal enables us to remove dead and drying branches to reduce the risk of attracting pests and reducing the risk of falling branches, which can be very hazardous to your family or passers-by. Dead branches have a negative aesthetic effect on your tree and your overall landscape.As part of our proven service we remove the dead, diseased and dying wood, along with any broken stubs and branches. We focus on the safe removal and pruning of all the branches, identifying if the decay is due to the natural ageing process or caused by pest infestation. Removal is essential if the branches are posing a risk of people, property and access.Deadwood is very common in mature trees. This can be caused by a number of reasons, often seen in fast growing tree species. These trees usually have small interior branches which don’t receive enough sunlight.When a piece of deadwood falls from a tree it exposes the heartwood of the tree, making it susceptible to insects and water penetration, which can result in decay and even trunk rot.

What Else We Can Do

We are passionate in providing the maintenance services needed to promote the health of your trees. Our extensive range of services includes tree pruning and crown reduction to tree bracing, crown lifting, crown thinning and deadwood removal. We also offer tree removal, felling, dismantling, planting and stump grinding.

Our full range of tree and hedge maintenance services includes hedge trimming, laying and planting along with general maintenance services you can use with confidence, taking advance of our cost effective, reliable, fast and trustworthy services.

Our services help to promote the health of your trees while protecting your family and property. Tree maintenance services can increase the overall value of your home by improving your landscaping with structurally strong trees that eliminate any safety hazards.

Our experienced SG Tree Services team are standing by to provide you with any advice and assistance you need. Contact our experienced team today and see how we can assist you with our effective an affordable deadwood removal services.

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