Hedge Laying

Hedge Laying

Hedge laying is just one of the many hedge maintenance services we provide to our clients throughout Aberdeen and surrounds. We are a small and passionate team based in Alford and backed by years of experience, ensuring we provide our clients with first class solutions they can count on when it comes to their unique landscaping needs.

Hedge trimming is a skill that is found across the United Kingdom. It actually dates back to the Roman times. Over the years different styles have been introduced, but all styles product the same welcome results.

Hedge laying benefits:

  • Retaining livestock using various heights of hedges as a natural and sustainable fence.
  • Rejuvenate old hedge grown and maintain new growth – encourage the growth of shoots and dense foliage.
  • Protect crops, properties and local wildlife against cold and windy weather.
  • Provide welcome shelter for herds.

Hedge laying is easy to understand, but not that easy when put in practice. It requires experience and skill. Interesting this is a declining skill, despite the welcome environmental benefits it provides.

How We Can Help

Our hedge laying services enables us to assist you when it comes to managing the growth of your hedges with confidence. This service is designed to create an impenetrable fence for livestock. Hedge laying has been used effectively for centuries to retain livestock and keep them safe in an affordable, natural and sustainable way.

Hedge laying is a detailed process which involves cutting through the truck or stem of a tree to make way for hedging. Hedges are then laid from one tree to the next, creating a fence where shoots grow vertically.

This traditional rural skill offers a host of ecological benefits including creating visually appealing field boundaries, creating a valuable habitat for wildlife and encouraging a variety of wildlife. Hedges prevent soil erosion, allow the free movement of wildlife and reduces air pollutants.

In addition to hedge laying, we also provide a complete range of other hedge maintenance services, including:

  • Hedge trimming
  • Hedge planting

Further, we offer a range of tree maintenance services including tree pruning, tree bracing and tree removal, felling, dismantling and planting. We also offer crown reduction, thinning and lifting along with stump grinding and garden maintenance.

Fast and Effective

We offer our private and commercial clients throughout Aberdeen with a fast and effective service with the convenience of a twenty four hour service, backed by years of industry knowledge and experience.

At SG Tree Services, we are passionate in providing a reliable service to promote plant health, improve landscaping and achieve the best end results in the long run. Our small business comprises of a trustworthy team sharing a passion for speed, reliability and cost effective pricing, helping clients improve the overall appearance of their gardens, while increasing the value of their homes.

Want to find out more? Contact our team now and see what we can do for you to improve your hedges and complete your hedge laying project with confidence.

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