Basic and Essential Tree Care

Trees are a welcome addition to any home or office, they offer numerous welcome benefits for the urban environment from providing something beautiful and colourful in the space to increasing property values and providing welcome shade to gardens and streets.

In addition to this, trees can help protect against the harmful rays of the sun while reducing air pollution and soil erosion and increasing wildlife and plant diversity. Whether you have a few trees in your garden or you want to plant a tree at your office, you must know the basic care tips to ensure the best health for your trees in the long run.

Before You Choose

Before you start out on your hunt for a new tree, there are some factors to take into consideration, these include:

  • Do you want the tree to provide shade to your office car park?
  • Do you want the tree to cast necessary shade in an open garden space?
  • Do you want the tree to provide greenery and a visual appeal to improve your property values?
  • Do you want your new tree to be used as a privacy barrier, adding greenery between you and your neighbours to improve privacy?

The purpose of the tree is one of the biggest factors to influence your decision. Knowing this can ensure you make the right selection.

Next look at your space limitations. If you are looking at a large tree to cast shade across your car park, you need a good space where the tree can be planted without restricting the roots, enabling the tree to grow and thrive moving forward.

The next step is to make your selection, looking for a healthy tree that will compliment your property. It’s recommended to have professional advice of a tree specialist and services when it comes to tree planting, ensuring that your tree grows into a strong tree that can be enjoyed for years to come.

General Care

If you have recently planted a new tree then you need to focus on watering. Please note that over watering is more dangerous than under watering and is a common mistake made by many home-owners. Over watering can lead to serious health problems for your tree.

A newly planted young tree should be watered on a regular basis for it’s first few summers. This means a good deep watering, which enables the roots to soak up the water and send essential nutrients to help the tree grow.

From here, you want to give your tree regular watering, making the soil moist. The soil should never be soggy, as you increase the changes of causing rot to the roots, which can result in an unhealthy tree, which may need to be removed sooner than you may have liked.

Tree Maintenance Services

Caring for your tree doesn’t just mean watering, there are other important things to take into consideration, such as pruning, crown reduction, crown thinning, bracing and more. It is useful to have a tree maintenance service on hand to ensure your trees receive the quality care that they deserve, creating a strong, stable and healthy tree.